12 April 2010

Shoot Day 2 - IY, Dan Spleen & The YCR Massive!

Today saw the YCR crew bash through another hectic shoot schedule!
The final interviews are now complete. The crew then set about getting a service perspective by interviewing Senior Young Carers worker Sharron and former Young Carers worker and YCR Volunteer Alex. Throughout the day Dan Spleen worked with small groups to capture their 'I am' statements, Poems and Key Moment narratives. Dan set up the equipment with help from the the crew and captured their delivery using Logic sound programme on a Mac laptop using a studio mic and Pop-shield.

There was also another list of important production jobs to complete such as typing up narratives and organising venues.

Finally the crew headed out to a pre-arranged taster session for the Upfaders Modern Music skills session run by Dan Axon. The idea was to capture some footage to represent the positive and recreational activities that the Carers Centre encourage and provide. The taster was being held at the LAFFS group for 12-15 year old carers. This will play an important part in balancing the final film.

Despite amazingly keeping to a packed hectic schedule the crew still found time for some antics... well it just wouldn't be the same without!

Go Team CJ! Go Team! Go Team YCR!

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