8 April 2010


Today we met Steven a theatre director, he helped us to explore different emotions using games and using the raw emotion that we had for particular objects mine was my blanket that I have had since I was small.

After playing that games we explored how we can display different things using a still life picture fir this we used the poems we wrote in the workshop with Dani.

To capture the poem I wrote we found a place on the strret (some steps) in which Amie sat with mascara rolling down her face this was because she had been crying.

My poem:

Tears rolling down the girls face
Ebony mascara smudges rivaling the dark night sky
Her day may be over but the next is due to start
The never ending story.

This is her life, the vicious circle she faces
Responsibility overwhelmes her and it never changes
Her routine is repetitive, she knows no different
But this is life as she knows it, its who she is

Her mother is unable, the guilt is unbearable
The pittiful looks the belittling
The lack of awareness

You don't know the real things, the real me
But she knows this will never change
Afterall this is what society is!

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