12 June 2010

The Unusual Suspects by Young Carers Revolution

After a year of hard work, commitment and dedication the Young Carers Revolution film, 'The Unusual Suspects' launches at the No Wrong Doors Conference in York.


  1. Congratulations to everyone involved.
    Great work. It will help us all heighten awareness and win support.
    Jim Cronin, Chairman, Friends of Young Carers (Bath & N E Somerest)

  2. Excellent video -- it's good to hear how things are for young carers from the young carers themselves.

  3. Nigel Mainprize, Action for Children20 July 2010 at 12:42

    What a great video....just the right balance of message, individual profile and production. I will be telling lots of people about it as I move around the Scarborough & Ryedale districts doing my own bit to raise awareness of Young Carers.

  4. Love this video showing challenges of caring and positive aspects of the young carers experience. It's something I wanted to address in my latest blog post too http://thecarerforcarers.com/2010/11/27/mind-your-language-with-young-carers/

    May the revolution continue :)